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Moltex Nature Disposable Eco Diapers - Midi - Size 3 (4-9 kg) - 4 Pack - 136 Nappies


Moltex Nature Disposable Eco Diapers - Midi - Size 3 (4-9 kg) - 4 Pack - 136 Nappies


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MOLTEX nature no.1

The environmentally friendly version of the disposable nappy

100% chlorine-free absorptive core; contains no natural latex or aromatic substances; tealeaf extract as a natural odor binder. No unnecessary irritation of tender, sensitive baby skin.

Sensitive baby skin needs special care. And that’s why we at MOLTEX pay attention to the many little factors that help ensure optimum comfort, security, excellent skin-friendliness and an ideal nappy climate for your little darling’s still sensitive skin – from raw material selection to the production of MOLTEX nature no.1.

It goes without saying the MOLTEX nature no.1 is dermatologically tested on a continuous basis. The large number of consumers know that MOLTEX has distinguished itself by its excellent product characteristics for over 20 years. The tea leaf extract added to the absorbent core also neutralizes odours. MOLTEX contains no natural latex – a substance suspected of triggering allergies. Of course, MOLTEX nature no.1 is also free from lotions and perfumes, exactly what you would expect from natural baby hygiene. We are constantly improving our products.

Size 3 Midi

Quantity: 136 pieces
4-9 kg

High Quality, comfort and gentle to the skin


Gentle to the skin

Knowing how important it is to protect the skin, we guarantee the skin-friendly quality of MOLTEX nature no.1. All of the raw materials processed to produce MOLTEX nature no.1 are tested regularly by independent laboratories.

Dry to the touch – the cellulose core is 100% chlorine-free.

The absorbent core in MOLTEX nature no.1 is made of 100% chlorine-free cell material (TCF). Odours are absorbed by a tea-leaf extract. The three-ply absorber ensures rapid absorption of the liquid stored in the absorbent gel in MOLTEX nature no.1. That keeps the areas of skin in contact with the nappy palpably dry.

moltex-nappies -

Comfort Stretch – for a perfect fit

The elastic waistbands in the Comfort Stretch system in MOLTEX nature no.1 guarantee a perfect fit. Thanks to the comfortable elastic fit, your baby can kick and move about to its heart’s content without feeling a pinch. And little sandbox toddlers also appreciate the comfort of MOLTEX nature no.1 when they set out on exciting voyages of exploration.


Breathable – contains no natural latex or perfume substances

MOLTEX nature no.1 contains no natural latex or fragrances and displays the “Original DERMATEST®” seal (very good). These factors contribute to excellent skin-friendliness and an ideal nappy climate.

 Certified skin-friendliness

 The “Original DERMATEST®“ seal guarantees the validity of     testing methods, consumer and producer safety and the tested   and verified dermatological quality of certified products.

 Highest quality standards

 “Made in Germany” is recognized as a seal of quality and a   promise of outstanding products.


 Cellulose from sustainably cultivated trees certified by the Forest   Stewardship Council (FSC®) is used in the production of MOLTEX nature no.1. The FSC® seal represents an internationally recognized forest-management certification system based on globally applicable principles and criteria. The FSC standard prescribes that wood must come from forests that are managed in accordance with natural principles and reforested in an environmentally responsible manner. Endangered plant and animal species as well as the rights of native inhabitants and labourers are protected.


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