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Natursutten® Natural Safe Soother Rounded


Natural Safe Soother Pacifier Rounded - 100% Natural Rubber


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Natursutten® Natural Safe Soother Rounded is a natural pacifier made from 100% natural rubber of Hevea Brasiliensi. The protein that on rare occasions can irritate latex allergy has been removed from the rubber mass of these pacifiers. There are no chemical softeners, parabens, PVC, BPA, or phthalates. The rounded shape is a breast feeding mothers favourite.

Product Features: The entire protective shield is soft, smooth and flat, allowing for free and natural oral muscle activity and development.The shield is larger than conventional pacifier shields in order to prevent the baby from squeezing the flexible material enough to fit into its mouth, The shield does not leave marks on the baby's face. The rubber is naturally more resistant to sharp teeth than silicone, inhibiting small pieces from being bitten off and swallowed. The grip ring makes it easy for the child to hold.

Natursutten® is molded into one piece; the nipple, shield, and grip ring are connected securely, thus preventing choking hazards by pulling it apart. This also means there are no joints for bacteria buildup. Three large breathing holes help prevent skin irritation caused by prolonged contact between soother, saliva, and skin.

Natursutten®= Nontoxic + Nonallergenic

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